Pike County Mobile Pet Care

362B Aerodrome Way
Griffin, GA 30224



Low-Cost Pricing


Dog Spay Cat Spay $65.00
0-49 lbs $95.00 ~ pregnant, in heat, or obese, additional $20.00
~ in heat or obese, additional $20.00
~ pregnant, additional $30.00
50-74 lbs $115.00
~ in heat or obese, additional $30.00
~ pregnant, additional $40.00
>75 lbs $135.00 Cat Neuter $45.00
~ in heat or obese, additional $30.00
~ pregnant, additional $40.00
Dog Neuter
0-74 lbs $85.00 Cryptorchid, one side (retained testicle), additional $35.00
>75 lbs $105.00

All vaccines are available for your pet on the day of surgery.

Wellness Services

DHPP-CV $35.00 Rabies, 1-year $15.00
DHLPP-CV (with lepto) $45.00 Bordetella (kennel cough) $15.00
Heartworm Test $35.00 Fecal Examination $28.00
Physical Examination - Comprehensive $45.00 Physical Examination - Limited $35.00
Boarding, per night $22.00 Nail Trim $15.00
Anal sac expression $20.00 Ear Cleaning $20.00
Sedation (by weight) $35-65.00 Health Certificate, per pet $35.00

Other minor surgical procedures are available, such as tumor removal, laceration repair, etc.; please call or email for pricing. 

  •  According to the Georgia Veterinary Practice Act, all animals must receive a physical examination prior to receiving vaccinations. A thorough physical examination is the most important part of your pet's wellness care. Vaccinations are determined by each individual pet's health status and risk factors for disease. Low-cost vaccine clinics are sometimes offered; these are no substitute for regular veterinary check-ups!

  • All prices are subject to change, and are at the sole discretion of the attending veterinarian.