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Surgery pricing is determined on a case by case basis. Submit form below and we will contact you with pricing and schedule.

A deposit is required once surgery has been scheduled.

Current Low Cost Spay/Neuter Surgery Prices.

Cat Spay -                 $60                                     Cat Neuter -               $45

Dog Spay   0-49 lb. - $85                                     Dog Neuter 0-75 lb. - $75

Dog Spay 50-75 lb. - $95                    

Dogs over 75lbs.  (Please call for pricing and scheduling.)

There is an additional charge for dogs in heat, pregnant, or obese.


Surgery Instructions

  1. Do not feed your pet after 10 pm the night before surgery. Water is allowed.
  2. Drop off time is between 9:00and 9:30 am. Check schedule for location.
  3. Bring proof of rabies vaccination (if your pet is not getting one at our clinic).
  4. Bathe your pet the day before surgery to remove any fleas or ticks.


If you have additional questions please send an email to pcspayneuter@gmail.com

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